We specialise in all aspects of talent management and provide bespoke services for sportspeople whatever stage of their career they’re at. We help our athletes to understand and manage being a professional sportsperson.

Our Services


Our expertise across a wide range of sports means we provide a considered mentoring programme whether you’re an emerging talent who has just turned professional, an established athlete looking for some extra advice, or a successful athlete wanting to explore post-career opportunities.

We position ourselves as the athlete’s extended family, their key ally, their confidante, helping them to maximise every key decision and assist with all major performance parameters.


Our full management service provides a balanced filter between the athlete’s competition and commercial interests to ensure nothing detracts from performance.

Key components include contract negotiations, high performance development, sponsor liaison, media and PR management, coordination of event schedules, team liaison and post-career opportunities.


We help our athletes to understand the importance of building and maintaining a healthy relationship with the media, and just as important, how to manage it so it isn’t a chore or a distraction.

We advise at specialist, national and international level and across all platforms including print, digital and TV and radio broadcasting. We provide a full service of effective written and oral communications and organise specific media events.

Strategic profile and brand building

We work with our athletes to determine how they wish to be perceived in the public domain, and provide a brand building strategy that encapsulates their position via relatable messaging and content.

Sponsorship acquisitions

We identify and target the most appropriate brands for our talent to ensure the partnership is authentic, enjoyable and capable of achieving the best return on investment outcomes for both parties.

Career Planning

We start by putting the correct foundations in place and the earlier the better. We don’t consider short term gains for long-term losses but look for career longevity. We align our athletes with the best partners, service providers and suppliers based on sound industry knowledge and the ability to survey and understand the sport’s political scene years in advance.


Through our global channels and across the full sporting spectrum, we provide our talent with high level networking opportunities to develop professional and social connections.

Speaking Engagements

Sporting personalities are amongst the most popular motivational and inspirational public speakers. Through our network, we secure engagements with reputable speaking engagement agencies representing major corporations.


We create unique opportunities, innovative solutions and introductions for our clients across all major and professional sporting platforms.



We are passionate about giving back and we are currently seeking commercial partners to help us discover the next generation of sporting talent.



If you’d like to obtain further information about our services and the opportunity to partner with us, please provide your details below and we’ll get in touch. Alternatively, please feel free to e-mail us directly at info@jamsportsmanagement.com. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence.